Pinned Up 5 Ways: Weekday Hair Tutorial

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Sarah from Raving Fashionista here and I’m so excited to be sharing a few ways my favorite beauty tool, the bobby pin, makes my weekday hair styling a breeze!  Below are five of my go-to, pinned up styles using L. Erickson bobby pins that will take your work week hair styles from bland to chic in a matter of minutes.



Monday mornings call for quick and easy hair styles; bonus points if they allow you to leave the house without touching a blowdryer.  Twist towel-dried hair and wrap it into a low bun, then use two L. Erickson Long Narrow Bobby Pins to secure it in place.  In three simple steps — twist, wrap, pin, you’re ready to run out the door, which means you won’t feel guilty about hitting snooze (a few times).



By Tuesday I’m usually feeling a bit more motivated to bust out the blowdryer.  To add a bit more pizazz to basic, bordering on boring, straight hairstyle, pull back a small section of hair just behind the ear.  Taking two L. Erickson Small Narrow Bobby Pins, pinned to create an arrow pattern, and then repeated this with two pins in another color.  I choose to alternate between silver and white, creating a chevron style look.



My bangs are still relatively new so I’m finding new ways to style them.  Starting with a curling wand to create and shake out loose curls to create a little volume, then pinched back the bangs (or a small section of hair around the forehead) and secure it back with a few L. Erickson Small Narrow Bobby Pins.  Et voila!



Second day curls are the best kind.  Gently brushing them out into soft waves and sweeping the bangs off to one side creates a retro feel, but taking two L. Erickson Medium Narrow Bobby Pins to comb back the hair snuggly to one side takes it just the next step further.



Fridays call for fun, flirty hair!  Plaiting the hair into two braids and securing them along the crown is a sweet, playful look on its own, but securing it with exposed L. Erickson Medium Narrow Bobby Pins (I used gold, but an outfit-matching hue would be great too) just screams, “I’m ready for the weekend!”