What is Cellulose Acetate Anyway?

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Hi again! I’m back with another segment in our France Luxe 101 course! We are looking at a material we couldn’t function without, and we’re betting you can’t either (you just may not know it!). I promise this won’t be a Chem. course, but I’m going to walk you through the basics of our cornerstone: Cellulose Acetate.

What is Cellulose Acetate Anyway?

If you own designer sunglasses or any of our France Luxe classic hair accessories, you own Cellulose Acetate. In its most basic form, it’s the “rich cousin” to plastic that is both slightly flexible and super durable. Technically speaking, it is plastic, however it is made from organic materials and is the only plastic that isn’t petroleum based. In fact, over 70% of this material is natural ingredients such wood and cotton!

The manufacturing process is long (meaning complicated!!) to get from a pile of natural ingredients to large sheets of this slightly-transparent material. The sheets can be heated, cut, and molded into specific shapes, like sunglass frames and hair accessories!

Compared to other, less-expensive items on the market, ours are not poured or injected into a mold. They are hand crafted by skilled artisans in France. I’m told it’s a beautiful process, but haven’t yet had the chance to travel there to see it myself. I promise, when I do, I will make you a video!

So what’s the big draw to using Cellulose Acetate anyway? There are two major benefits.

First: it allows for perfect reproduction of natural effects such as tortoiseshell and ivory without harming any endangered species. Its unique ability to take on color and shape also allows us to create, what we call, laminations with some of our favorite fabrics. For instance, you’ve probably seen our Petite Fleur collection. This is a perfect example of a lamination on Cellulose Acetate! Isn’t it fun for Spring?

France Luxe Petite Fleur

Second Benefit: Cellulose Acetate has a unique flexibility. Keep an eye out for another post coming soon with more details what this means for you! In a nutshell, our unique Ultracomfort Headbands made from Cellulose Acetate won’t give you a headache when you wear them. The plastic warms when you wear it from the heat of your head and shapes itself to fit you perfectly. How cool is that? Like I said. More on that later, it’s so cool it deserves its own post!

So that’s my bit of education for you today! What do you think of Cellulose Acetate? Do you wear any of our France Luxe Cellulose Acetate products? Can’t wait to hear what you guys think. Until next time…

  • Shelley B.

    Wow, I’m thrilled to hear that Cellulose Acetate isn’t made with a bunch of artificial materials and chemicals. That’s fantastic! I have a lovely Ultra Comfort Headband that’s held up great over the past year.

    • Isn’t that great, Shelley? We love it too. So glad you like your Ultracomfort! ^Jen