Day 4

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It’s officially Day 4 of our #springisinthehair Challenge! Have you been styling along with us? If not, we’d love to have you! Here are a few of our favorites so far. Believe it or not, each of these three styles took less than 10 minutes to create!


The Cotton Candy Bun is a springtime favorite! Pull your hair into a high ponytail, then secure with your favorite L. Erickson Grab & Go Pony color. Feel free to live on the wild side, it’s going to be hidden under the bun! Next, gently tease the hair in your ponytail. Backcomb as little or as much as you like, remember, you’re creating volume so the bigger you tease the bigger the bun. Finally, twist the hair into a bun shape and use L. Erickson Medium Narrow Bobby Pins to pin it in place.


To create this pinned back style simply curl the lower strands of hair and finish with a bit of hairspray. Sweep the front section of one side back behind your ear and secure with two L. Erickson Crystal Windmill Bobby Pins. 


The Twisted Side Pony is a triple threat. 1. It’s super easy to create, 2. It takes only a few minutes and 3. It looks fabulous! Begin with a small section on one side of the hair and separate into two pieces. Twist the two pieces around each other once like a rope, then add additional hair to the lower piece, then twist like a rope again. Continue this same motion, always adding hair on the lower piece after each twist until you reach the opposite side of the head. Secure with a L. Erickson Grab & Go Pony and finish with hairspray!

These are just three of the fun styles we’ve had around our office. We want to know how you’re wearing your hair! Be sure to tag us, @franceluxehair, on Instagram and Twitter and use #springisinthehair!