Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love the excessive use of my favorite color (red), the abundance of fresh blooms everywhere you go, and (of course) the chocolate! Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to show the women in your life that you love of them. I know that I’ve been thinking about what to get for the lovely ladies in my life so I thought I would create a few gift guides to share with you! What better way to celebrate your girls than fun hair accessories?

Here are my top picks for what to get your bestie, your mom, and yourself (for a date night with your love or with your girls)!

Bestie Final

  1. France Luxe Double Heart Plastic Tige Boule Barrette
  2. L. Erickson USA Mini Nobility Bow Pony
  3. L. Erickson Medium Wide Bobby Pin Clip & Go 8-Pack
  4. L. Erickson USA Small Nobility Bow Headband
  5. L. Erickson Little Gem Bobby Pin Pair
  6. L. Erickson USA Small Pony
  7. L. Erickson Luna Enamel Cuff Pony
  8. L. Erickson Lucky Flower Tige Boule Barrette

Mom Final

  1. L. Erickson Atelier Enamel Small Jaw
  2. France Luxe Basic Side Comb
  3. L. Erickson USA 1 1/2″ Scarf Headband
  4. France Luxe Celtic Clover Pony
  5. L. Erickson USA Octopus Bun Clip
  6. L. Erickson Giverny Rose Tige Boule Barrette
  7. L. Erickson Atelier Enamel Pinch Clip

Date Night Final

  1. France Luxe Classic Rectangle Barrette
  2. L. Erickson USA Small Couture Bow Barrette
  3. L. Erickson USA Bermuda Bow Headband
  4. L. Erickson Bloomsbury Tige Boule Barrette
  5. L. Erickson USA Suede Volume Barrette
  6. L. Erickson Crystal Teardrop Barrette
  7. L. Erickson USA Knot Turban
  8. France Luxe Oblong Tige Boule Barrette

Let me know in the comments what you plan to do for the upcoming holiday! 🙂