Ciao Darling

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I don’t know about you, but something about this time of year makes me want to travel. I think it usually begins with my summertime tradition of evening gelato and ends with the countless movie nights watching Roman Holiday. Call me a romantic, but there is something about Italy that makes my heart go wild.


I know life is full of endless to-do lists, but let’s all take a step back and imagine ourselves in il bel paese d’Italia (which means “the beautiful country of Italy”).   Here in Italy, there is no stack of paper on your desk or pile of laundry on your floor…here there are only miles of rolling hills and streets paved with cobblestone. In the morning, you spend your time with hot espresso shots and oversized hats at the local cafe. At some point, you set down your newspaper and take a deep breath as you inhale the smell of sunflowers and watch a busy bee buzz around rose vines. You think to yourself this is bellissimo, and when everything in life feels just about perfect, a leaf dances its way effortlessly into your hair. You look around and the whole earth seems to be gold with the setting sun and you hear the winds whisper, “Ciao, darling.”


Ok……so we might not be able to purchase you a plane ticket to Italy, but we can offer you some artisan crafted accessories, handmade in a charming little shop in Italy.


L. Erickson Sunflower Bobby Pin



L. Erickson Buzzing Bee Enamel Buzzing Bee and Brooch




 L. Erickson Rose Vine (optional volume) Barrette and Side Comb



L. Erickson Falling Leaves (optional volume) Barrette and Side Comb


With these Italian artisan accessories, we promise that Italy won’t feel so far away.