5 Accessory Must-Haves for your Next Road Trip

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You haven’t made weekends plans yet? Perfect, because we did for you. All you need are your windows down, the wind in your hair, and the latest Beyoncé album playing. Sound good? Perfect, because we are sending you on a mandatory road trip with all the proper hair accessories to go with. So buckle up and enjoy the ride (and your hair).


Here are a few necessities for your travels:

1)Whether it’s from Seattle to Vancouver or Denmark to Sweden, you should never leave home without our L. Erickson Clip & Go Packs. These hair accessories fit perfectly in your purse and go anywhere. They are so amazing, that you will forget what life was like without them.









2.  Best part of the road trip? The wind in your hair (and not in your face)! Our bandeaus are ideal for fashionably keeping your hair at bay. So go ahead and stick your head out the window! You’ve earned it.











3) Let’s be real, there is no room for emergencies on the road (including hair emergencies). That’s why we love our L. Erickson Hair Emergency Kits.










4) We understand that time on the road often leads to messy hair… that’s why we have the perfect combs for every situation. Whether it’s detangling, styling or teasing, we have you covered, from head to comb.



5) Last but not least is your faithful friend around your wrist, the ponytail holder. We understand the importance of this hair accessory and only want you to have the best.




L. Erickson Retro Pony 8-Pack               








With these accessories, your trip and hair will be FABULOUS. So go ahead and take that selfie and show off your hair! And don’t forget to tag us. #luxelocks


Bon Voyage